Round table that fully expresses Younik’s decorative flair. The central design is composed of a gilded spiral from which three fantastic flowers blossom giving a remarkable scenic effect, framed by a fabric adorned with gilded sheets.

The elegant and contemporary design of this piece stylishly harmonises with the rich ornamental fantasy and reinforces the concept. It will give strong individuality to any interior.


Materials: fabrics, brass sheets, washers, nails. Metal base, edges in stainless steel, top in extra-clear tempered glass.

Dimensions: cm Ø100x80h

Pair of sitting room side tables highly luminous thanks to the galvanised structure in mirror finish gold and decoration which is a play on gold and silver hues.

On the Dedar fabrics background in both, a semi-circular wire-mesh design is marked out by a linear path,

almost a flash of lightning that strengthens the intense luminosity of these pieces.

They may be used either separately or as a pair as side tables and will shine forth as noteworthy in every furnishing.

Materials: Dedar fabrics, gilded tape, wire mesh, washers, nails. Galvanised metal base gold mirror finish, top in extra-clear tempered glass.

Dimensions:  diam. cm. 60 x 43h

                       diam. cm 40 x 53h

Large table playing on black and gold hues, both in structure and in the precious Dedar fabrics which form the backdrop

of the decoration.

Embellishment fuses geometrical elements with significant flower designs emboldened by a controlled asymmetry.

This piece makes a strong visual impact and will lend character and individuality

to every sitting room.

Materials: Dedar fabrics, steel tape, nuts, nails, washers. Metal base, edges in brasses iron with galvanised finish, top in extra-clear tempered glass.

Dimensions: cm 100x100x43h

Two big flowers, painstakingly and imaginatively crafted, make up the central pattern of this console that will add a touch of glamour to an entrance hall or sitting room.

Its linear structure is modern, in mellow champagne hues, which sets off elegantly the precious black and gold fabric with animal design.

Materials: Pierre Frey fabrics, brass foil, nuts, washers, nails. Stainless steel base, top in extra-clear tempered glass.

Dimensions: cm 120x40x73h

The decoration of this mirror features a delicate flight of birds, crafted so naturalistically that they seem to have been freed from an

imaginary cage, called up by the wire mesh

geometric design.

The ornamental pattern has as its base a

Fendi fabric pleated in silk and in a delicate

hazel colour.

A charming creation that will give a poetic resonance to every location.

Materials: Fendi fabrics, Fischbacher velvets, brass foil, wire mesh, nails, spangles. Frame in brushed iron.

Dimensions: cm 112x112