Period console restored and decorated with fantastic flower design that is repeated within a geometric lattice work in gold and silver foil.

A furnishing that endows every location with a refined elegance and timeless  taste.

Materials: fabrics, wire mesh, brass foil, nails. Top in glass.

Dimensions: cm 118x43x93h

    Rectangular table realised starting from the recovery of a 1930s piece of furnishing. The rich decoration take in both the top and the lower part of the table, wholly clad in fringed velvet with interwoven wires.

The ornamental design depicts great boughs with leaves and flowers, on which alight little dragonflies illuminated by Swarovski crystals, in green, gold and ivory hues. This refined piece is suited to modern and contemporary furnishing and is sure to be a highlight of every setting.

Materials:  velvets, metal latticework, Swarovski. interwoven wire, nails, tacks. Top in glass

Dimensions: cm 190X94X83H

The protagonist of this low sitting room table is the figure of the silvered eagle, derived from a nickel silver foil scored with nails. The composition plays on scattered geometric figures crafted with natural tonality linen, framed by a metal base that is decidedly contemporary.

Linear but original in decoration, this represents a versatile furnishing element which marries modernity with functionality.

Materials: Wire mesh, tacks, steel foil, interwoven wire. Metal base, top in extra-xclear tempered glass.

Dimensions: cm 132x92x30h

Rectangular mirror whose decoration is a play on the alternation of circles and semi-circles in black velvet, embellished with interwoven wires, crystals and tacks and by a trellis of geometric shapes.

The figure of the white swan is fairytale-like, creating a magic atmosphere in clear contrast to the unworked iron frame. Romantic and contemporary for hallway wall, bedroom or sitting room in order to add depth and luminosity.


Materials: fabrics, wire meshes, tacks, interwoven wire, nails

Dimensions: cm 216x100

Original ethno-chic panel with black velvet rhinoceros dominant on the horn of which has alighted a delicious bird which seems to be whispering a tune.

As background to this image is

a classic Rubelli brocade, framed by two modern contrasting fabrics. Eclectic and original, it will be

eye-catching in every location.


Materials: fabrics, tacks, interwoven wires, nails

Dimensions: cm 81 x 81

Rectangular mirror centred on the theme of beauty, symbolically called up by the figure of the peacock, painstakingly crafted with attention to detail.

The colour scheme is highly evocative, playing on matching green with gold. A real jewel which creates an effect of elegance and opulence.


Materials: Fendi fabrics, Fischbacher velvets, brass bored tape, wire meshes, Swarovski, nails. Frame in varnished metal.

Dimensions: cm 163x83